Members of our group regularly teach courses such as Voice and Auditory Interaction, Critical AI and Data Justice, Digital Research Methods, Crisis Communication & Management, Practices in Digital Communication, and more.

Practices of Digital Communication 5cr – Minttu Tikka

In the course students practice crisis communication together with the authorities in Loviisa22 crisis preparedness exercise. The course is in Finnish. https://studies.helsinki.fi/opintotarjonta/cur/hy-opt-cur-2223-ba5ca4a5-4c62-45c0-be6b-af5fb2d95496

Advanced Research Methods: Digital Research Methods 5 cr – Minttu Tikka

The course addresses methodological issues related to studying phenomena in digital context. The course is practice-oriented and focuses questions of digital research ethics, data collection and analysis. https://studies.helsinki.fi/courses/cur/hy-opt-cur-2021-1f8a518c-6042-412d-9492-8d12bed8072c

Crisis Communication and Management 5cr – Minttu Tikka

In the course, students will familiarize themselves with the crisis communication and management in the light of international cases and research literature. The course is in Finnish. https://studies.helsinki.fi/opintotarjonta/cur/otm-2923bef4-b038-49a4-a434-8f90338f0a19/_Kriisiviestint%C3%A4_ja_johtaminen_