AI x Music and Creativity

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The Co-Creative Artificial Intelligence of Music is a joint research project in collaboration with Koray Tahiroğlu (Aalto University Department of Art & Media), Nitin Sawhney (Aalto University Department of Computer Science) and Douglas Eck, Anna Huang (Magenta, Google Brain Team). The project is supported by Aalto University’s internal funding from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture’s (MEC) Global Program Pilots for India & USA. 

Seeking a MS/PhD or postdoc researcher to work with us on the Co-Creative Artificial Intelligence of Music project at Aalto University. You will be developing AI models for digitally facilitating co-creation processes between human musicians and creative AI agents. You will also investigate means for enabling musicians to better understand and interpret the underlying predictions or decisions that AI models make in the midst of mutual human-machine cooperation. You should have a firm interest and understanding of deep learning models applied to audio processing and synthesis, as well as advanced skills and knowledge in building deep neural networks (mainly in TensorFlow). 


Nitin Sawhney

principal investigator

Koray Tahiroglu

principal investigator