The CRAI-CIS research group collaborates across a diverse range of projects and initiatives, looking at research and outreach towards multidisciplinary insights.

Reconstructing Crisis Narratives

Crisis Narratives is a multidisciplinary research consortium between Aalto University and Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and collaboration with University of Helsinki. Research conducted in this project provides insightful information about stories and discourses of crisis.

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Civic Agency and AI

The CAAI project aims to understand citizens’ algorithmic literacy, agency and participation in the design and development of AI services in the Finnish public sector in order to advance more democratic and citizen-centric digital infrastructures.

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The Trust-M project aims to create trustworthy digital public services for improved integration of migrants in Finland, hence strengthening Finnish society through increased inclusion, resilience of the labor market, and economic vibrance.

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Algorithmic Literacy

The project Promoting Critical, Playful and Inclusive Algorithmic Literacy and Digital Citizenship among Young Learners explores how new forms of digital pedagogy and participatory engagement with algorithmic and data-centric concepts and technologies can promote critical, playful, and inclusive digital citizenship and algorithmic literacy among young learners.

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AI x Music and Creativity

The project will investigate the practical implementation of AI enabling new possibilities of connecting technology to artists, enabling the next generation of AI models that stimulate creative processes in a controlled, non-invasive way.

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Countering AI-infused Disinformation

The research project is a consortium between University of Helsinki and Aalto University and it aims to examine the increasing emergence of AI-infused disinformation and the challenges faced by news media practitioners and fact-checking organizations.

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