AI-infused Disinformation in Media Communications (DiME)


The Helsingin Sanomat Foundation awarded 180,000 euros to our proposed research project “Liquid Forms of AI-infused Disinformation: Improving Information Resilience in the Finnish News Ecosystem”.

An exciting collaboration between Aalto University Department of Computer Science and University of Helsinki, Discipline of Media and Communication led by our postdoc researcher Minttu Tikka and PhD Henna Paakki, along with Nitin Sawhney, Juhi Kulshrestha and Salla-Maaria Laaksonen. The project’s collaborators are YLE News Lab and FactBar.

The research aims to examine the increasing emergence of AI-infused disinformation and the challenges faced by news media practitioners and fact-checking organizations. It seeks to devise computational tools, social processes, and cooperative practices that can be used to counter disinformation among the Finnish news ecosystem. While it’s clearly a difficult and rapidly changing problem domain, we hope this pilot research will allow us to engage with news media partners in Finland to explore novel socio-technical approaches for information resilience. 

News announcement (in Finnish):

Nitin Sawhney

Minttu Tikka

Henna Pakki

Sophie Truong