Critical AI and Crisis Interrogatives

The CRitical AI and Crisis Interrogatives (CRAI-CIS) research group at Aalto University explores the impact of technology in critical societal contexts, in particular for ethical AI, civic agency and crisis narratives, working at the intersection of computational and social sciences engaging HCI and participatory design.

Crisis Narratives

Crisis Narratives is a multidisciplinary joint project between Aalto University and the Department of Health and Welfare (THL), which examines the construction of stories about the crisis on various communication platforms and in public debate.

Civic Agency in AI

The CAAI (Civic Agency in AI) project aims to understand citizens’ algorithmic literacy, agency and participation in the design and development of AI services in the Finnish public sector in order to advance more democratic and citizen-centric digital infrastructures.



The Trust-M project aims to create trustworthy digital public services for improved integration of migrants in Finland, hence strengthening Finnish society through increased inclusion, resilience of the labor market, and economic vibrance.


A panel discussion on Women in AI Ethics, University of Helsinki, and Aalto University for a timely discussion on the role of women in AI/tech and learn how multi-disciplinary diversity supports our vision for a more inclusive and ethical tech future.


Coverage by FCAI on the CRAI-CIS seminars, which offer a monthly dialogue and critical perspectives on artificial intelligence (AI).


FICORE covers our project Promoting Critical, Playful and Inclusive Algorithmic Literacy and Digital Citizenship among Young Learners, which explores how new forms of digital pedagogy and participatory engagement with algorithmic and data-centric concepts and technologies can promote critical, playful, and inclusive digital citizenship and algorithmic literacy among young learners.

Highlights of recent publications & presentations:

Sawhney, N. (2022). Contestations in urban mobility: rights, risks & responsibilities for Urban AI. AI & Society.

Paakki, H., Sawhney, N., & Ghorbanpour, F. (2022). An Approach to Computational Crisis Narrative Analysis: A Case-study of Social Media Narratives Around the COVID-19 Crisis in India. Conference on Language technologies and Digital Humanities. Slovenia, September 14th, 2022. pp. 263-266. 

Kajava, K. (2022). Language of Algorithms in the EU: Agency and Metaphors in Communication around Artificial Intelligence. Reframing ADM: Concepts, Values, Alternatives. University of Copenhagen, August 29-30.


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