Invited talks

Luovat, toiminnalliset ja osallistuvat tutkimusmenetelmät yhteiskuntatieteissä, 12/10/2023, University of Eastern Finland

Digitaaliset menetelmät ja verkkoetnografia
Minttu Tikka

HSSH Brown Bag Seminar, 4/4/2023, University of Helsinki

Mixed Methods, Mixed Results? What Does it Take to Combine Qualitative and Computational Approaches?
Minttu Tikka, Kaisla Kajava, Henna Paakki

Organization & Management Seminar, 27/1/2023, Aalto University

Alternation and Adaptation: Reflecting Key Questions around Conducting Mixed-Methods Research
Minttu Tikka, Kaisla Kajava, Henna Paakki

DH Pizza Lunch Seminar, 28/10/2022, Digital Humanities: University of Helsinki & Aalto University

From conversation analysis to computational interaction analysis:  Studying trolling behavior in online conversations by focusing on (a)symmetry in interaction
Henna Paakki

Talk page and abstract can be found here

ARS22 – Gathering: Living Encounters

ARS22 – Gathering invites us to come together to discuss and develop critical thinking about the modern world. Guided by anthropological, artistic, sociological and philosophical positions, the event is organized around four main themes: gender and identity, decolonial narratives and positions, technology and the digital turn and ecology and more-than-human agencies.The speakers of the seminar include: Christina Sharpe, Mel Y Chen, Achille Mbembe, Slavs and Tatars, Petra Laiti, Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen, Nitin Sawhney, Agnieszka Kurant and Elizabeth A. Povinelli.The Gathering brings together contemporary art institutions and organizations from the Helsinki region highlighting our common goal to deepen the understanding of contemporary art’s social agency.