Marta Choroszewicz

Marta Choroszewicz is a University Researcher in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland. Her research focuses on the intersection of professional work, feminist theories, and science and technology studies. She specializes in the sociology of professions, technology and work, data technologies, and the digital welfare state. Marta’s research primarily explores social inequalities in professions and the shift toward data-driven organizations. She has published extensively on topics such as agency, mechanisms of inequalities in professional work and careers, work-family reconciliation, the digital welfare state, data practices, and the development of data technologies and data-driven public organizations. As a researcher, Marta has also contributed to several large-scale projects, including Professionalisation of Public Service Interpreting (ProPSI), Data-Driven Society in the Making (DaDSoc), Data Literacy for Responsible Decision-Making (DataLit), and Capturing Digital Social Inequality (DEQUAL). In addition to her research, Marta has acted as a university lecturer several times, teaching courses on qualitative and quantitative methods, sociological theories, citizenship and wellbeing, and the sociology of gender and work. In the coming years, Marta will continue her research on the automation of public sector organizations, with a particular focus on invisible work, professionalism and algorithmic literacy.