Kaisla Kajava

Kaisla Kajava is a doctoral researcher in the CRAI-CIS research group. Kaisla has a background in Language Technology and Linguistics, and has conducted research in the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Critical AI. Kaisla’s research interests are in language use around Artificial Intelligence systems in the context of European Union policy, digital strategy, and regulation, and using Large Language Models (LLMs) jointly with methods from Cognitive Linguistics to study narratives of AI.

Some of the international venues where Kaisla’s work has been featured include:

  • Sawhney, N. & Kajava, K. (2022). Language of Algorithms: Agency, Metaphors, and Deliberations in AI Discourses. In Handbook of Critical Studies in Artificial Intelligence, Lindgren, S. (ed). Edward Elgar Publishing (Accepted/In press).

  • Kajava, K. (2022). Language of Algorithms in the EU: Agency and Metaphors in Communication around Artificial Intelligence. Reframing ADM: Concepts, Values, Alternatives. University of Copenhagen, August 29-30.

  • Pàmies, M., Öhman, E. Kajava, K. & Tiedemann, J. (2020). LT@Helsinki at SemEval-2020 Task 12: Multilingual or language-specific BERT? Proceedings of the Fourteenth Workshop on Semantic Evaluation.

  • Öhman, E., Pàmies, M., Kajava, K. & Tiedemann, J. (2020). XED: A Multilingual Dataset for Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Detection. The 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: COLING 2020.

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