Critical AI and Data Justice

Instructor: Prof. Nitin Sawhney 
Department of Computer Science, Aalto University
Teaching Assistants: Henriette Friis and Sid Rao

Feb 4th to April 8th (10 weeks)
Thursday 16:15 – 18:00

Credits: 3 cr (or 5 cr for submitting essay/paper)

Course Description 

The course critically examines the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous systems, and data-centric technologies in society. We interrogate these concerns using cross-disciplinary theories and practices embedded in the ethics of AI, intersectional feminist perspectives, Global South and indigenous experiences, as well as civic debates and human rights discourses. The goal is to reveal the socio-political implications for protest, surveillance, democratic participation, misinformation, gender and racial equity, civic engagement and social justice. >> More about the Genesis of this course

CS-E4001: Research Seminar in Computer Science: Research Projects in Critical AI and Crisis Interrogatives (3 credits), April 22-June 3, 2021. Register on WebOodi (March 22 onwards).